As Most Of You May Already Know:

My name is Liz! I have been through the entire Twin Flame Journey and have made it to the other side: to Union! I have been coaching and guiding other Twin Flames and spiritual couples through the rigorous Ascension process for over half of a decade now and have decided to dedicate my time to a lovely CommUNITY which helps support those on their individual journeys. While other social platforms serve as a decent resting ground for those who are on the journey, it becomes difficult to weed those out who are actually serious about their progress. This is why I have created this CommUNITY: To offer a more personalized support system for me to serve you as a guide and coach to each of your beautiful journeys.

I have been a part of the Twin Flame community for over 6 years!

I have coached thousands of individuals on both the Twin Flame dynamic as well as manifestation in general. I live in Southern California with my Twin, whom I married in May of 2021, along with our beautiful blended family of three children and our black laborador!


Basic Membership: Access to the Twin Flame CommUNITY dedicated to assisting those on the Twin Flame journey! Here you will find a safe and helpful space designed to move you from where you are now with your person into an effortless and harmonious Union. Access to Posts, Q&A, Videos, and access to interact with other members

CommUNITY Membership + WEBINAR Access

Enjoy all of the benefits of the Twin Flame CommUNITY while also having access to all LIVE Twin Flame Help Webinars with Liz! There will be multiple Webinars a month, which will also be recorded in case you are unable to join live.

CommUNITY Membership + Webinar + Private 1:1 with Liz

Access to CommUNITY, Webinars, PLUS you will receive one full hour of coaching regarding your specific person and situation ($220 value if purchased separately!). You may split the hour into two 30 minute calls if you wish. We will identify your blocks and you will learn how to quickly and efficiently move past them. We will define your desired end result, create personalized affirmations, and vibrationally position you to get into lasting Union with your Twin Flame, Soul Mate, or specific person. These coachings are done both on an intuitive level and on a structural approach to get you to where you wish to be.

What This CommUNITY Offers:

A safe place for those to connect with others' dealing with similar themes or hangups on their journey to Union!

  • Daily support from Liz through posts and comments

  • A LACK FREE Environment; Our main focus is getting YOU to Union

  • Weekly videos and audio content based on members' needs and/or questions

  • An open door and support system to connect with others manifesting their Union

  • Weekly Q&A sessions with Liz

  • Group Webinars with upgraded membership

  • A full hour of 1:1 private call time with Liz with upgraded membership


Your CommUNITY questions answered!

  • Will I be able to post questions about my journey in the community?

    Yes! You can ask any questions you'd like regarding your journey, manifestation, ascension, etc!

  • Will Liz be active and answering questions we post?

    Yes! This commUNITY is set up as a more intimate setting to be able to connect to Liz and her teachings.

  • How many Webinars can I join?

    You can join as many as you'd like as they are offered! You have FULL ACCESS to all Webinars if you are subscribed to that membership.

  • How often will Liz be active?

    Liz will be active and supporting you within this group most weekdays!

  • Will Liz remain active on other social media accounts such as Instagram?

    While Liz will try and visit other social networks, the majority of her time will now be spent here actively assisting those on their journeys!

What Others Are Saying


Liz's expertise and easy-to-understand methods make for a seamless transition from lack and victim mode to being fully able to understand how to not only manifest union, but to align with really ANYTHING you are wanting to experience in life!

Finally, a lack-free experience!

I have dealt with countless other coaches, and even "psychics" on this trying path to union and I was constantly met with lack-based "advice". I was constantly either told my twin isn't ready yet or that union simply cannot happen. It wasn't until I booked a personal call with Liz that my vibration completely shifted and I was able to attain actual results!

You won't find victim mentality here!

Liz teaches methods using ABUNDANCE - as she often states in her coaching, teachings, and course, there is no such thing as lack! Therefor there is no such thing as not making it to union with our beloveds! I haven't ever met a coach quite like her and I have been on this journey for quite some time now, so blessed on my results because I reframed my entire thought process!

Thank You Liz!

Hello dear, I just wanted to thank you for your hard work and dedication that you bring to the table for all of here on this very confusing journey. I can personally say that you guided me from not speaking at all with my person to us now living together, and all of this happened in the course of 6.5 months. Your teachings are stellar and I can't wait to start working on manifesting all other things into my life as well!